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Rental Cars and Car Accidents

Car accidents are big enough headaches on their own before one tosses in the confusion of a rental car into the mix. Just like in any accident, there are questions of fault, damages, and who did what when. Sometimes there are problems with “amnesia” tossed in on the part of either or both parties.

The biggest complicating factor in any car accident involving a rental car is the question of insurance. In theory, both drivers should have their own insurance policies. On top of the drivers’ insurance policies, the rental car company is likely to have insurance for its own car and then there might insurance that the renter of the rental car purchased from the rental car agency to ensure coverage in the event of an accident.

This insurance mess, potentially, can be a nightmare for individuals, particularly if there is no declaration of fault at the scene of the accident. Also, the competing policies might each have different deductibles which all require attention from the drivers.

Further complicating the process is the fact that the car rental company may start its attempts to recover its losses by going through the renter’s insurance policy or policies first, even if the renter is not at fault. This can mean increased premiums for the renter even though he or she didn’t actually cause the accident.

Because of all of the potential complications, it is a good idea to know exactly where one stands on car insurance before renting a car. In addition, getting accurate information from anyone involved in the accident is an excellent idea as well.

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